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Below you will find articles written by Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services staff. Click on the links to go to the articles.

Making a Case for ASC Specific Software Solutions
   Tracy Hume • HSTpathways • October 2016

ORBIS Provides “Best Days” for the Visually Impaired
   Chris McMenemy • The Huffington Post • July 2016

ORBIS Launches New Flying Eye Hospital, Bringing the World Together to Fight Blindness
   Chris McMenemy • The Huffington Post • June 2016

4 Considerations on Dealing With Contractors for New Surgery Centers
   Leigh Page • Becker's Hospital Review • March 2011

CMS Says Resources for Surveys to Be Very Limited
   Fred Ortmann • Becker's ASC Review • January 2008

ASC Development: Managing in the Red Zone
   Fred Ortmann • Becker's ASC Review • September 2007

ASC Financing: Avoiding the Money Pit
   Chris McMenemy • today's surgicenter • May 2006

From Sinking Ship to Five-Star Cruise Line: How to Execute a Successful Turnaround
   Fred Ortmann • today's surgicenter • April 2006

Hiring Your Development Team
   Fred Ortmann • Outpatient Surgery • Manager's Guide to Surgical Construction • January 2006

SGNA's 32nd Annual Conference: A Passion for GI Nursing
   Sarah Hunt • May 13-18, 2005 • Minneapolis, MN

Consulting the Experts: Evaluating and Working with ASC Consultants
   Fred Ortmann • today's surgicenter • June 2005

ACI's Conference on Developing & Managing Ambulatory Surgery Centers
   Fred Ortmann • July 29-30, 2004 • Chicago, IL

Talking Up Your Facility: Successful Marketing Strategies for ASCs
   Fred Ortmann • today's surgicenter • January 2004

Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction: Financial Success Begins Here
   Fred Ortmann • Becker's ASC Review • January 2008

Turn Your Pro Forma into a Roadmap to Financial Success
   Fred Ortmann • Outpatient Surgery • December 2004

The Laundry Dilemma: In-House or Outsource?
   Fred Ortmann • Outpatient Surgery • November 2003

Who's Who: The Companies
   today's surgicenter • December 2003