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Feasibility Studies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Without question, the feasibility study is the most important step in the development of any surgery center. Working with you, we gather your workload, calculate your projected revenue, calculate your capital requirements and expenses–all to determine the projected profit or loss of your center.

As a part of this analysis you receive:

Our services encompass the following areas and more:

  • Projected Revenue

  • Estimated Staff Requirements

  • Estimated Capital Requirements

  • Projected size of Facility Needed

  • Estimated Expenses

  • Projected Profit/Loss

  • Medical Equipment Requirements

The finished proforma product is especially helpful as an aid for obtaining financing. Lending institutions appreciate the thoroughness of the product, and the documentation displayed in the proforma is a great way for you to share your vision with a financial institution and to gain the financial support you need for your new center.

Our proforma is a living document! Working closely with you, we try different scenarios, using various size options for the facility, different types/manufacturers of equipment, options for terms of financing, exploring leasing versus buying, to determine the best way to structure your ASC.

"I have worked with medical group accounting for the past 36 years, and I have seen quite a few financial studies. I found the work Chris did with her Proforma to be extremely detailed and useful to the group of physicians I advise." Ron Winer, CPA, Winer & Bevilacqua Inc.

Sample Proforma Scenarios